Our Ranks

After multiple iterations, our ranks have been carefully curated to lie in the "Goldilocks Zone"- Not too easy nor too challenging, but right in the sweet spot. Below lies a list of each and every rank in ANVA for both normal & career mode as well as unlocks & perks available.

Mode Badge Rank Name Flight Time Requirement Unlocks
Cadet 0-10 Hours Flights between 0-1.5 Hours
Jr. First Officer 10-25 Hours Flights between 0-3 Hours
First Officer 25-50 Hours Flights between 0-5 Hours
Sen. First Officer 50-90 Hours Flights between 0-7 Hours
Captain 90-140 Hours Flights between 0-9 Hours
Sen. Captain 140-200 Hours All Flights
Commercial Captain 200-275 Hours All Flights
Hon'inbō 275-500 Hours All Flights + Hon'inbō lounge access
Sakura 500-1000 Hours All Flights + Hon'inbō lounge access
Hayabusa 1000+ Hours All Flights + Hon'inbō lounge access
Mode Flight Time Requirement Airline Aircraft Description
0 Hours B763, B737, B738 Air Do is one of three airline paths available for our starting career mode pilots. Air Do is majorly based in Sapporo-Chitose (RJCC) & Tokyo-Haneda (RJTT).
A320 Peach is another airline path available. A low-cost carrier, Peach's major hub is based at Osaka-Kansai (RJBB). It operates a mix of both domestic & international flights.
DH8D, B738 The final airline path available for our starters are ANA Wings, the primary subsidiary of ANA for regional & a few short-haul domestic flights within Japan. It is headquartered at Osaka-Itami (RJOO).
25 Hours B763, B737, B738, A320, A321 Upon reaching the 25 hours mark, career mode pilots will unlock access to the ANA A320 & B737 family as well as the B763. They will also be able to fly Japanese regional airlines (Air Do, Peach, ANA Wings, IBEX, Solaseed Air, & Star Flyer).
50 Hours B787 Touching the 50 hours mark leads to our pilots unlocking the Air Japan B787 fleet. Air Japan's 787s fly a select span of destinations from both Tokyo airports like Vienna, Singapore, Honolulu, etc.
B76F The 50 hours mark also brings the choice to unlock a cargo path based off the B76F of the ANA Cargo Subsidiary, based in Naha-Okinawa (ROAH).
90 Hours B772, B77W The 90 hours mark unlocks the ANA 777 fleet consisting of the -200ER & -300ER. The 772ERs bring more widebodies onto our domestic route options while the 773ERs unlock a ton of international routes.
B77F The ANA Cargo 777 Freighter is unlocked at the 90 hours mark as well for those under the ANA Cargo career branch.
B788, B789, B78X The ANA B787 routes are also available at the 90 hours mark, unlocking most of the widebody fleet used by NH.
140 Hours No New Aircraft Passenger -> Cargo (and vice versa) Switch Unlock There are no new aircraft unlocked at this stage. However, pilots may switch from passenger to cargo flying or vice versa. Each comes with their own modifications & restrictions, outlined more specifically in the Career Mode Guidebook.
200 Hours A388 The humongous ANA A380-800 is unlocked at the 200 hours mark, specifically used for the Tokyo Narita - Honolulu route.
B748F The NCA B748F is also unlocked at the 200 hours mark, helping expand cargo operations to several Asian, European, & North American destinations. The main hub lies at Tokyo-Narita (RJAA).
275 Hours NH & KZ listed codeshares All passenger & cargo aircraft operated by the ANA group are unlocked at 275 hours. In addition, codeshare routes with the flight number starting with an NH or KZ code can be flown with any aircraft!
500 Hours Full database; all codeshares At the 500 hours mark, you have reached our ultimate career mode rank, allowing you to fly any route in our routes database regardless of the flight code.